1. 23-24 February

    What Works? SPACE10 + Startup Everywhere

    A two-day exploration of the future of creative work.

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  2. 11/30 March/September

    Brain, Body & Behaviour

    A series of events exploring how technology is shaping our understanding of the brain, body and behaviour.

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  3. 16-21 March


    A programme of documentary films addressing some of humanity’s biggest challenges, curated in partnership with CPH:DOX.

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  4. 14 May

    Space I/O – Defining future design language and framework

    The official launch of Space I/O — our digital framework, and a tool for building and designing digital experiences and interfaces in a decentralised way that focuses on user-centric design and co-creation.

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  5. 27-29 April

    IAM Weekend 17 — Do You Speak Human?

    A workshop on democratising tools in artificial intelligence and conversational interfaces.

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  6. 20 April

    What's Cooking?

    An evening exploring alternatives for producing and distributing food in urban environments.

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  7. 20 April

    SPACE10 + CAFx — Future Perspectives

    A 10-day programme of talks, workshops, screenings, tastings and debates looking into the importance of social engagement within urban and architectural projects, curated for Copenhagen Architecture Festival 2017.

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  8. 10 May

    Do You Speak Human? — Democratising tomorrow's AI

    An online survey designed to find out how people feel about artificial intelligence and to get them to thinking about what they’d prefer the AI of the future to look like.

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  9. 18 May

    Bits x Bites: Designers of Our Food Future — Shanghai

    Together we strived to explore the opportunities for good design to make our food supply more sustainable and reshape consumers’ relationship with food in an evening of talks and debates.

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  10. 15-17 June

    Made In Space — Exploring Alternative Futures

    A three-day hybrid event exploring “alternative futures”, it combined the magic of a festival, the depth of a conference and the hands-on experience of a workshop.

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  11. 15 June

    Imagine — The new world of design and manufacturing

    The official launch of our magazine showcasing the trends and technological advances that enable us to see how we might reshape society for the better.

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  12. 15 June

    Sprout — Talking plants

    The launch of our new conversational interface that combines biology, electronics and AI to enable people to have a “dialogue” with their plants and grow hydroponic micro-greens more easily.

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  13. 15 June

    Delaktig x SPACE10 x Opendesk

    We teamed up with Opendesk to explore the potential of digital fabrication in making furniture locally and on demand — and made the results compatible with DELAKTIG, Tom Dixon’s recent collaboration with IKEA.

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  14. 16 June

    SPACE10 and Opendesk are among the first to "hack" Tom Dixon's modular bed for IKEA

    Article by Dezeen

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  15. 8 July

    Classical Through Digital

    A SPACE10 residency project that explores how digital tools can be applied to traditional techniques in architecture, construction and design.

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  16. 9 July

    IKEA's SPACE10 Lab Reimagines Craftsmanship Through Digital Techniques

    Article by ArchDaily

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  17. 17 July

    Conversational Form — now with voice

    A smart new way of turning the most common interface we encounter online today — the web form — into a conversation.

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  18. 01-03 September

    The Algae Dome — A food-producing pavilion

    A four-metre-high plywood pavilion housing a photo-bioreactor — a closed-loop system that produces a huge amount of micro-algae - which we showcased at the CHART Art Fair.

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  19. 19 September

    Place — Bridging the Imagination Gap

    IKEA Place is a new app that enables you to place 3D, true-to-scale furniture directly into your living room, dining room, office – or whichever space you wish to make your own.

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  20. 20 September

    Ikea's new app flaunts what you'll love most about AR

    Article by Wired

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  21. 18-23 September

    LOKAL — Serving you fresh food, right where it's grown

    Our prototype of a hydroponic farm and salad bar, which we showcased during London Design Festival.

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  22. 18-23 September

    Exploring Spaces of Tomorrow — London Pop-up

    A six-day-long pop-up in Shoreditch, held during London Design Festival, which explored the consequences of urbanisation and the spaces we inhabit, and examined the concept of “space” from different perspectives.

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  23. 4 October

    IKEA lab Space10 creates pop-up hydroponic farm for growing extra-healthy salads

    Article by Dezeen

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  24. 8 October

    Flat Pack Farming

    Video by World Economic Forum

  25. 1 November

    The Farm — Creativity World Forum 2017

    At a breakout session at the CWF, SPACE10 presented The Farm—our lab exploring and prototyping alternative methods for growing, distributing and integrating food production in our cities.

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  26. 1 November

    CPH Village X SPACE10

    We are looking into the specific interior design of small-space living by partnering with CPH Village.

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  27. 14 November

    One Shared House 2030 — A collaborative survey around co-living

    A “playful research” project that aims to get insights on the future of co-living through a collaborative survey.

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  28. 24 November

    Röst — Audio as an interface

    An ongoing experiment to explore the potential of audio interfaces to create a better everyday life for the many people.

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  29. 1 December

    Hej — Everything IKEA in a single conversation

    The prototype of our new app for exploring how to use technology for better storytelling.

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  30. 6 December

    SPACE10 pavilion imagines a future where buildings produce food for residents

    Article by Dezeen

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  31. 14 December

    Central Saint Martins + SPACE10 — co-living in 2030

    As part of our exploration of shared living, we invited students at Central Saint Martins, the London art school, to design a series of hypothetical future co-living spaces.

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